anthropo-gical installation

Imprints of Peace Amsterdam

Imprints of Peace Amsterdam

Desidero trasformarle in alberi. Ogni opera vibra e desidera guardare il mondo. Dopo la mostra torneranno a dormire. Il pensiero che mi è stato affidato è quello di affidare. Per ogni opera nata proprio dalle impronte desidero lasciare altra impronta piantando alberi. Tornare a vivere in campagna. Terre di Martorina

Di cosa ha bisogno il mondo. Foto di Carla Matilde Iuvara

Di cosa ha bisogno il mondo. Foto di Carla Matilde Iuvara

Dal flusso è nata l’Installazione “Datemi Spazio”. L’Energia del cambiamento lo desidera. Lo spazio è trasformato, molti vedono, ma dovrebbero prima sentire per averne accesso. È un coro energetico che ha trasformato la visione, sembra tutto più grande, un viaggio. Tempo Spazio protagonisti, vibrazioni interagiscono, l’odore del sonoro passato guida il presente, un futuro Natale ci attende.

Catania Palazzo della Cultura - Fino al 6 Gennaio. h.9/19

Catania Palazzo della Cultura – Fino al 6 Gennaio. h.9/19

“Dare spazio all’immaginazione”

Settantasette tele cariche delle ‘impronte di pace’ raccolte in giro per il mondo. Un’arte visionaria che emana forza, energia, positività, spiritualità. Un’arte che grida al coraggio di cambiare e che profuma dei colori della terra. Viva, mutevole, fremente, alimentata com’è dall’energia del magma.

Assia La Rosa

imprints of peace milan turkey

Imprints of Peace Milan Turkey

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exhibition contemporary art

A trip around the world through Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti’s footprints of peace 


ART – At the Palazzo della Cultura in his hometown of Catania, starting 1 December and open until 6 January, you will find the exhibition “Private Collection Imprints of Peace”, which the artist-globetrotter represents with 77 canvases including footprints left by passersby that symbolize birth, while the colors and powders create a three-dimensional effect.

involuntary art archive

involuntary art archive

The artist, “We must give space to beauty” by Laura Cavallaro

London, Paris, Milan, Cairo, Athens, Iceland, Izmir, Katakolon are only some of the destinations  touched during the travels of Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti, a nonconformist painter who after ten years of absence returns to exhibit in his hometown, Catania, with the exhibition “Private Collection Imprints of Peace”. A journey around the world seen through 77 paintings, exhibited in a timeless manner and arranged according to a flow of energy. The particularity of Arezzo di Trifiletti’s work is based on the technique which is not only pictorial but above all preparatory; in fact, it places the virgin canvas on streets, on sidewalks and also at the entrance to the former Literary Café where the installation is housed, so that the footprints of those who pass over it can remain etched. At the base of everything, in fact, there is the footprint, which is synonymous with birth and serves as a support for his work. Clear principles that are inspired by quantum physics, religion but above all by the cult for beauty. As the artist recounts during the presentation of the exhibition, which will open its doors on Saturday 1 December and will be open until 6 January 2019: “This experience aims to shake up the visitor and start a series of connections. Above all it will be the presence of children to create tremendous energy”.

Datemi Spazio

Datemi Spazio

The Municipality of Catania is sponsoring the event. An excited mayor, Salvo Pogliese, is present at the premier: “I am happy to be here next to Claudio, to whom I have been bound by a relationship of sincere and profound friendship for about twenty-five years. An internationally renowned artist whose path I followed from a distance, this is why today it is an honor for me and for the Councilor for Culture Barbara Mirabella to welcome him to Palazzo della Cultura.” Two rooms full of dense canvases in which the brilliance of acrylics and lines that create elongated and surreal shapes spring up to the eyes. It is a contemporary painting that recalls certain works by Matisse, but it is above all the way in which the brush stroke is laid out, in which the powders are mixed with the colors. The impression is that the overlapping layers are all visible and in some cases the feeling is that the picture is three-dimensional. It is the optical game that is created in the Eiffel Tower – Paris where the black brushstrokes on a red background give the impression that the painting is popping out.

spazio sociale per la pace

spazio sociale per la pace

Next to the large panels, on paper bags, in which usually fruit is placed, are listed the names of the cities. It is an original way to describe the path that is well matched with Arezzo by Trifiletti’s commitment to the environment. In fact, he advocates a Cathedral of Recycling to be built on the Piana di Catania made with plastic and glass bottles: “I am careful of unrecycable waste, I create compost to use for the land of the future. We must awaken consciences and show ourselves attentive to these issues because the Earth is as alive as our volcano Etna.” A wish but above all a commitment to the land that must be known and protected in depth because it is the greatest good we possess. A radical change of lifestyle that has seen him transform from a young PR at a nightclub into a 360 degree artist, even if he tells us sitting on one of his canvases, that art and painting have always been in his DNA. Scion of a family of architects for several generations, he began painting at the age of four, when he made his first painting of a solitary man on a boat. A strong passion that we can still read in his eyes: “At the base of my work there are many sacrifices, without permission I spread these sheets around the cities with the risk of being arrested, especially in the Middle East, but it was done for a reason. After the attack on the Twin Towers, I felt the need to give my contribution to the world, an opportunity that came when I arrived in New York for an exhibition. There I collected the dust from the sidewalks of the city and I started the project that aims to respect Maya, the Earth. The imprint I refer to, which gives the title to the work, is the footprint which we carry with us from birth, which springs from the symbiosis with the world and which I nourish daily. In fact, I have been living in the countryside for a long time, where I have reached a balance with nature”.

Per ogni raggio di luce, gradini si accostano sopra le nuvole.

Per ogni raggio di luce, gradini si accostano sopra le nuvole.

Arezzo di Trifiletti does not hide from us that some time ago in London he was offered a considerable sum to sell the entire collection, a proposal that he refused without second thoughts because he did not want his art to be sold and adds: “Today on this occasion I am giving myself. We are destined to be born and die, for the only capital we have is what we leave behind. That’s why I put the installation at the entrance “Give me space”, because we need to give space to beauty. Looking beyond we have the opportunity to see beautiful things and bad ones. I act as a sponge, I try to filter only beauty and I hope that others can grasp it, especially children”. Asked if there is a painter who has inspired him, he immediately responds that the first ever is the Eternal Father but also Modigliani, who struck him just at the age of twelve years old. “His works have allowed me – he says – to understand space and the way in which the shapes stretched up to the sky”. If Picasso explained dimension, Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti with his painting linked to the elements, to dreams, wants to interpret the fifth, those of the energies with which each one can nourish his own spiritual body. The materials on which he works are innumerable; not only the waste that in this way find new life as a piece of wood abandoned and used to make a tribute to Pope Francis, but also clay that he leaves raw and paints with gold, the same color that we find in the Vatican painting, the only one not to have figures out of a form of respect.

London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Catania, Malta, Rome, Milan, Turkey,Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Greece, Camden Town,

London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Catania, Malta, Rome, Milan, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Greece, Camden Town,

The mystical dimension is present together with the religious one in “Saint Lucia” where the concentric circles embrace and conclude the pictorial experience. The paintings that convey a sense of disquiet are those linked to the great metropolises like London and Paris, unlike the lagoon cities that transmit a sense of calm and peace. The paintings that refer to Venice are full of soft colors and intense nuances, with images that intertwine as threads. This is an experience that must be lived in a subjective way through a personal listening to themselves and to the works, for this we do not understand the need to put next to the paintings a qr-code, among other things not present in the rooms, still under construction. Too bad even for the video, although well edited and with a stimulating soundtrack, made by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in which Arezzo di Trifiletti paints his paintings among the streets of the market of Catania and Aci Castello, because of bad audio you could not hear the story of the artistic excursus. There is still a few hours before the debut and we are sure that these minor inconveniences can easily be solved, but for the rest a great trip awaits you.

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The courtyard of the sun

Arte Involontaria

Arte Involontaria

Sono soltanto un raffigurante

Avrò sempre vestiti fatti di colore.

Avrò sempre vestiti fatti di colore

 La Salumeria dei Fratelli Zappalà
Via Grotte Bianche, 16 – 95129 Catania (CT)
Cortile del Sole

Cortile del Sole

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armed with just a teaspoon


L'Islanda è una dimensione meravigliosa

Hallgrímskirkja Iceland Imprints of Peace


L’unico desiderio che ho è di veicolare i messaggi racchiusi nelle tele che ho dipinto dopo essere state calpestate da molte migliaia di persone nel mondo. Credo sia importante non solo per le persone che mi conoscono, per il popolo di Catania, ma per tutti quelli che desiderano connettersi con un mondo presente, che forse per dinamiche di sistema viene sempre meno preso in considerazione.

world needs love

world needs love – iceland

Vi posso assicurare che chi vedrà questa mostra, riceverà dono di cambiamento, l’intelletto tradurrà antichi codici senza sforzo, il progetto nasce nel 2007 a N.Y. ha raccolto memoria a: Barcellona, Berlino, Londra, Parigi, Roma, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Amsterdam, Grecia, Turchia, Malta, Venezia, Milano, Islanda ecc. Sono esattamente più di 100 missioni in armonia col creato.

imprints milan stazione centrale

imprints milan stazione centrale

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islands inside the city

luoghi magici

luoghi magici

Catania Via Luigi Pirandello

Quando l'uomo sconosceva la dolcezza del denaro

Quando l’uomo sconosceva la dolcezza del denaro

imprints of peace

imprints of peace

Ricordi d'infanzia

Ricordi d’infanzia

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La fontana nacque in seguito ad un concorso, bandito dal comune di Catania il 10 novembre 1956, per la costruzione di un grande monumento a Giovanni Verga da apporre al centro della parte sud della piazza, di fronte al palazzo del Grand Hotel Excelsior. Nonostante lo scetticismo di molti artisti dell’epoca, prese parte al concorso cittadino anche Carmelo Mendola, uno scultore autodidatta catanese (18951976). Il progetto di Mendola convinse la commissione e vinse il concorso.

Fontana Dei Malavoglia Piazza Giovanni Verga Catania


La realizzazione del complesso scultoreo durò ben diciannove anni. L’inaugurazione avvenne il 25 ottobre 1975[1]. L’autore morì poco tempo dopo, nel febbraio 1976, a causa di un’emorragia cerebrale.

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ancient song

canto antico

canto antico

Fin quando i grilli cantano siamo in pace, o comunque la cerchiamo in quel canto antico.

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“Il lusso di avere una macchina che cammina piano”

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Si può studiare senza conoscere, si può conoscere senza studiare. Le pagine della vita sono ricche di insegnamenti, l’occhio si abitua al chiamo del cuore.

pagine della vita


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feel around

atto poetico world needs love

sentire intorno

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