Contemporary Art exhibition on the waste and the illness

Special Guest Artist Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti

Imprints, imprints and more imprints. Objects, places or people are not the source of inspiration, but rather the energy emanated by the material which becomes the path on which to paint the frenetic modern community, bombarded daily by the media. The key to interpretation of this artist’s works, born in Catania in 1975, lies in the underground culture. The same metropolis extolled by anthropologist Marc Augè, belonging to Pop culture, informal art, the graffiti art of Basquiat, becomes the dominating motive which guides Claudio’s artistic flow. For “STOP THE 048 THE ITEMS” the artist has two works on display: “The feeling in his pocket”, a work which points the finger at obsessive control over emotion; “London Paris”, a maximum expression of Trifiletti’s artistic work. The artist has taken part in important exhibitions such as “the Third figurative Arts Exhibit in Paris”, the “International Biennial of art in Rome”, as well as numerous personal shows.

The feeling in his pocket
The feeling in his pocket


Conception and curation Daniela Aquilia

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Desidero evadere, svegliarmi con silenzio e canto calmo, desidero addormentarmi con pace, desidero amare, donare tutto quello che ho creato all'umanità, concedermi una pausa con dentro l'infinito, concedermi un cerchio con dentro un mondo, concedermi un cielo con dentro un sogno, concedermi al nuovo giorno.
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