contemporary art

Claudio is a means chosen to demonstrate. Nature is the mirror of art, so much so that it would be possible to understand and explain the universe through simple artistic conjectures, when one considers that both the truth and the artificial rest on art. Mankind, an instrument of tangibleness, is a means used by art, the artist concedes itself to nature and the latter in return becomes a demonstrator and this generates a reciprocal benefit: delight for a creation and an elusive manifestation. Claudio’s paintings have been a cognitive compass of this existing perception: family, science and spirituality. Family is a silent inhabitant of Claudio’s paintings. Family is the first place in which you understand the most profound meaning of existence, where the bonds between the reciprocal lives reaches further than the concept of family itself and transforms into something obsessively profound, intersect, stuck, painted, confused, connected, furious but devoted and safe. The world is family, I am family, they are family. The cosmos and the entire universe are family, intended as an ontological and visceral bond between spirituality and matter. Claudio expresses the family in his paintings and family uses Claudio as a means to manifest itself. Science creates order. Sciences moulds to organize. It is a tangible and attractive instrument to unveil art. Nature and the science that governs and regulates it are cognizable through various means; When I observe something with the fluorescent microscope, I rethink notions that are naturally expressed and evident in Claudio’s paintings. They are yet another instrument for knowledge of a scientific nature: an expressive photograph of a subject that observes the universe and blocks it, for a long period of time, not only as a mere image, but as an essence, through the art of painting, the most antique and primordial of the expressive arts that mankind has experimented. Peculiarity is a distinctive feature of Claudio’s paintings. It is the spiritual character that emerges from its capacity to form itself between error and awareness, conflicts and bonds, for growth and a rational spiritual evolution. It exalts the interiority of mankind, of objects and the elements themselves. He gains a specific competence, learning to be wise, so that he can transmit it to others, to other objects, to nature itself, giving back a precious gift – the becoming. Describing and explaining Claudio’s paintings is nothing else but describing him, a researcher, a wise discoverer that like his paintings, operates to transform what he encounters into a unique organism that is able to generate growth and freedom, but above all else, the truth. Your paintings are acts of love.

Your cousin mlaura